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016 [Video || Public]

Christmas has passed and today is New Year's Eve. Time is really passing by so fast or did New Years Eve catch me off guard too? I hope so because I can't wait for it to be summer. [She smiles at the thought of August for a few reasons that only Zack and Cloud should know.]

I would have celebrated new years, but we're going to be at the beach tommorrow. I guess we're going to the airport later today, right? Well, I have everything packed, so I can't wait to go. This will be the first time that I'll ride an a airship or really enjoy the beach. The last time I went to the beach, I couldn't really enjoy it. Plus, Cloud said that he liked girls with light skin...

Oh yeah. Cloud, Zack, and Tifa - we're sharing a room at the hotel. [Giggles a bit nervously] This is going to be so much fun. I can't wait to get to the hotel and see the type of room we'll be staying in. Maybe we'll get the ocean view~ [Smiles happily]

[Tilts her head curiously to the monitor] I wonder....how many of you have plans for the new year like wishes that you want to come true. I have a few wishes, but I'm not sure if I should tell you all. Maybe if you ask, I might~

015 [Public || Audio || Semi Action]

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone.

I hope you are having a lovely evening. Tommorrow will be christmas morning and the snowball fight that Yuffie suggested we have. I'm really excited!

Right now, I'm walking down the dorms handing presents to all of my friends and those that helped me. I wish I had money to give every single person in this school a gift, but...I'm only a flower girl.

[She giggles a bit] Although, I'm dressed as Mrs. Santa Clause, right now.

Christmas presents for - Yuffie, Tifa, Elena, Reno, Cloud, Zack, Squalo, Akefia, and JarethCollapse )

014 [Public || Text]

Oh wow. The white stuff outside is very pretty, but a bit slippery to walk on. Does anyone know what that stuff is called? It's wet,cold, and feels like sand.

Why do I enjoy playing in it so much?

Oops. I went a tiny bit off track.

Hmmm? Christmas is coming, so I was wondering if...anyone was going to go home and celebrate it? Yuffie, Tifa, Cloud, and Zack: Are you going to celebrate christmas here or at home? I was wondering if....we couldn celebrate it together if you aren't going home. I was hopping we could celebrate it together.

Dear Santa~Collapse )

013 [Public || Text]

[Private to Iceland Kaoru, Squalo, Grell, Jareth, Hikaru, Alfred, Arthur, Yao, Felix, and Ivan; Audio]

Okay guys, I have the perfect spot to take our pictures without anyone realizing it's you. I have a small spot set up at the school's old basement. The lights still work and I did a bit of cleaning a few days ago, but we could use that spot. Come and bring your own costumes because I only have very little costumes that you can use. I have make up, lights, camera, and background ready.

Tommorrow evening will be picture day, so drop any of your plans for tommorrow night.


[Private to Zack; Text]

...I don't want you to help me with this project anymore. I have enough people, so I'll be okay....

We'll talk a little later....


Okay everyone...the slots for Feburary and August are open again, so I need models for those monthes. If anyone wants to volunteer for those positions then ask...I'll give you the spot easily.

012 [Public || Semi-Private || Text]

[Public to everyone]

The end of the year is right around the corner, so that means that our old calenders will be thrown away. I know that choosing a calender will be hard and I decided that I want to help you choose the perfect calender.

Who wouldn't like to have a calender of very beautiful and cute girls, hm? Girls with beautiful dresses, make-up, and nice figures, too. It won't be a very revealing calender, but an artistic one.

We still need models for the calender. We will sell it in the school for a discount, but around the city at a regular price. Most of the money made from these calenders will go to charities and donations to this school.

Right now, the following monthes are take: Febuary, May, June, July, August, September, October, and December All the monthes.

If you want Janurary, March, April, and November spot then let me know.

Also, we need photographers, make-up artist, and clothing for the models. If you want to help in any, then it will be appreciated.


[Private to the boys]

Okay guys. The models aren't really girls, but cute boys in dresses. I will not give out any names and no one will know that it's you on the pictures. If you want to join as a model, then let me know with your real name, dorm number, month of choice, and a girl name that you would like to be known as in the calender. I promise that no one and I mean no one will recognize you.


[Private to the girls]

The models that we're searching for won't be from the school because we don't want to get into any trouble, but we are looking for male models for a special calender. If you know any boys that you would love to see in the calender, then let me know.


[Private to all the models]

Here are the monthes that you guys choosed.

Front Cover: Lýðveldið Ísland - A.K.A: Eylenda
January: Kaoru - A.K.A: Mika
Feburary: Zack - A.K.A: Veronica
March: Squalo - A.K.A: Ame
April: Grell - A.K.A: Scarlet
May: Jareth - A.K.A: Josephine
June: Hikaru
July: Alfred
September: Arthur - A.K.A: Guinevere
October: Yao
November: Felix
December: Ivan

Now, I need you guys to think a girl name that you want to be known as. If you don't give me a name by picture day, then I will give you one with or without permission.


011 [Public || Text || One Picture]

Winter isn't one of my most favorite seaspns, but I can't complain about the upcoming holidays. Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays! I don't mind winter anymore especially what happened yesterday.... [Takes a picture of a simple silver band on her finger] I'm glad that this school is hosting a winter dance so I could show off my boys a little. Hmmmm...maybe I should go shopping for a dress tommorrow...

Anyway, I want to wish luck to everyone participating in the student elections. I hope it stays as a friendly fight.

One more announcement: I've received a big package from my mother back home. She sent me a few bouquets full of roses of all colors - red, pink, blue, white, yellow, coral, black, and purple. If you want to buy a rose for you and your date, then ask. I'll sell them to you in a really reasonable price. Let's just say that the roses have some magic in them.

Oh and to Zack and Cloud: We're all still going to the dance together, right? I know I asked a million times before, but I want to make sure.

Oh! Do you guys plan on going shopping or do you have any formal clothes with you? I was thinking we could go shopping together.

010 [ Public || Meme]

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